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The Association of traders and entrepreneurs of Teulada – Moraira, AECO, strives every day to reach its customers offering them a good shopping experience. Initiatives such as the launch of this new website or broadcasting through social networks, are two clear examples, on how they publicize their wide commercial offer. There are many activities or events that are organized throughout the 365 days, with the sole mission of reaching consumers and generating new opportunities.  Actions that serve to boost the economy of the municipality and which have the support of the promotional Department of the Town Hall of Teulada. 

Without going any further, during the summer it is well known within the calendar of events, The Shopping Night, a special night in which retailers offer special discounts and remain open until midnight, generating a festive comercial environment  in the  street. But if this summer event is important, so is the Trade Fair “Vive Teulada Moraira,” a shopping and gastronomic event which is now celebrating its eighth edition. Apart from these two very specific events, there are others such as the “Christmas and Kings campagin”  or the Street Market,  being held in September where traders have special offers and stock clearance sales.

AECO is an association that has very clear ideas: the most important is the connection with the consumers. More opportunities can be found if we speak the same language.. The more information we have of our clients requirements the easier it will be to find them the best offer.  The more we listen to the consumer the better our personal service will be. That is why the establishments associated with AECO take full advantage of each and every one of the possibilities that are designed to attract the attention of the public and to generate opportunities.

Through various activities, AECO seeks to highlight the wide range of quality establishments  that Teulada Moraira has to offer.Thus, the celebration of the trade fair “Vive Teulada Morairar” has become a reference of gastronomy and for the trade sector at the start of the high season. Every year  the influx of visitors to this fair has grown, with an aim to promote trade, as well as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

In addition to the focus on  generating business, AECO also has its sights set on the approach to the rest of the towns traders who still have not decided to join the Association. The Association wants to show them that belonging  to AECO is very advantageous. Only by thinking big and with  the union of different traders, important goals can be reached..Only a solid commerical mass is capable of situating the customer and not the employer as the heart of the business. acheiving mutual benifits.

AECO is very aware that in current. times, where large commercial areas have come to stay, small businesses should seek union to be competitive. Only in this way will we be able to pass on to consumers, clients, users, buyers, tourists,… that the best option for shopping, enjoying a drink, buying a home or just tasting the gastronomy of the municipality, among many other things, are the establishments associated with AECO Teulada Moraira. Shops staffed by professionals in which values such as personal service and quality prices, are its core values. AECO, at the same time of generating business, creates opportunities and wealth for the Township. And a good way of achieving this is through the events scheduled throughout the year. AECO is always more.