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Who are we?


AECO is the Association of businessmen and traders from Teulada Moraira which was born in 1989 in order to support small and medium-sized businesses in the municipality, an important artery for the economy of the municipality.

AECO is an Association of professionals that defend our common interests, today essential in order to compete in an environment of accelerated changes where commercial formats evolve rapidly.

Where  there is a  small professional tradesman there is a beating heart and a great businessman with concerns that make everyday a reality.

Although at the beginning the Association had a marked social character, with limited members, over the time it has grown to exceed the figure of one hundred members. The group that composes AECO offers a wide and varied range of products and services where the quality and the personal attention given mark the differential value to provide a good customer experience.

All AECO members are convinced of the important role played by the association. Only in this way can we undertake the organization of new projects, everyday more ambitious

AECO is convinced that  the line of work iniciated in the last few months will allow the association to grow and become increasingly stronger. Therefore obtaining greater achivements in this commercial project, at the same time both social and cultural. This is one of the objectives that we have set ourselves.

The ongoing work of many members, during these almost three decades of existence, has made sure that the Association is consolidated, dynamic and with a desire to excel itself, forming part (as it is already doing) on a daily basis of a municipality  which focuses on trade, but at the same time also on tourism. Therefore the associates,  keep alive the commercial revitalization of the municipality becoming a clear reference in  their activity, both in the town of Teulada as in Moraira.

So, today, all the efforts of AECO are aimed towards growth as an entity,  without losing sight of commecial activity  and tourism, its two main concerns. The commercial activity of hundreds of residents of the municipality who live from their respective businesses and tourism, because without a doubt these are the engines of the municipality. Each year thousands of people who walk through the streets of Moraira and Teulada, being the main point of destination for many foreigners who apart from the Mediterranean climate, find a rich offer of leisure, gastronomy, culture and luxury residential areas.

AECO is associated in turn with FACPYME (Federation small trade and medium companies inAlicante) and COVACO (Confederation of tradesmen and freelancers of the Comunity ofValencia), which guarantees us a great source of legal, labor and tax information that is sent to us regulaly and  is available for all AECO members through advice of the FACPYME Cabinet.

Throughout the year, coinciding with the increased affluence of public,  AECO, together with the Promotional Department of the Town Hall of Teulada, organises  many activities and promotional campaigns aimed at residents and visitors, adding to the rich offer of the towns of Teulada and Moraira.